Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greeting cards & Gifts

This is my first Holiday Card made in Pop Up to wish a happy new 
year 2011 to my friends. My inspiration came from the 
world of Narnia and Alexander McQueen, who has always been 
an important source of inspiration for me. His shows were always 
one of the best moments of the year..
I am so glad Sarah Burton is doing such a magnificent job!

This is a gift that one of my friends wanted to give to her boy friend.
                     How difficult is to find a nice gift for men....  
These are the books that linked them when they met....  
so I decided to create a story around this...

          I wanted to share a quote I liked about friendship with friends
 that had been present  during moments of important changes,
 so I decided to offer each of them a Pop Up with the text and
I included a personal message at the end.